Corporate Cash Management

The First National Bank of Woodsboro has partnered with The Independent Banker's Bank (TIB) to bring Cash Management Services to its business customers.


Save Time with Automatic Payments

Speed and efficiency in initiation, collection, concentration and disbursement of funds are an important economic consideration for a company of any size. Automated Clearing House (ACH) service from FNBW and TIB is a dependable collection and payment system, with the speed and efficiency you are looking for.


Quickly Manage a Variety of Transactions

  • Direct Deposit offers a safe, convenient way to pay your employees, wherever they may bank.
  • Preauthorized Debits electronically collects money from your customers.
  • Vendor Payments permit you to pay your obligations and include additional invoice information about the payment.
  • Tax Payments enable you to pay both federal and state agencies electronically.


Easy Transmission Options

  • ExtraNet, TIB’s ACH and ACH Origination Service
  • File Transfer Protocols (FTP sites)


Advantages of ACH Services

  • Reduce the number and cost of payroll checks you prepare and reconcile.
  • Reduce your cost of billing and collections by electronically collecting repetitive payments.
  • Eliminate postage and mailing expenses.
  • Reduce the risk of check fraud.


Taking Care of You and Your Business

ACH transfer provides a convenient, low-cost and flexible way to make payments and receive funds. We’d like to show you how ACH services from FNBW and TIB can make doing business a little easier.


For more information please contact us at 361-543-4511.