ATM or Night Deposit Info


As issuers of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) access devices, we have provided for you information a list of safety precautions regarding the use of automated teller machines. Please read the following safety tips:

  • Observe your surroundings before using the ATM. If the machine is obstructed from view or poorly lit, visit another ATM.
  • Consider having someone accompany you when the ATM is used after dark.
  • Have your card out and ready to use.
  • Shield the screen and keyboard so anyone waiting to use the ATM cannot see you enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or transaction amount.
  • It is appropriate to politely ask someone who is uncomfortably close to you to step back before you complete you transaction.
  • Put your cash, card and receipt away immediately. Count your money later and always keep your receipt.
  • Consider using another ATM or coming back later if you notice anything suspicious. If you are in the middle of a transaction and you notice something suspicious, cancel the transaction, pocket your ATM access device and leave.
  • When using a drive-up ATM, make sure all passenger car doors are locked and windows are up.
  • Do not leave your car unlocked and engine running when you get out to use an ATM.
  • While many ATMs are available 24 hours a day, some may be open only during local business hours. To be on the safe side, plan your withdrawals ahead of time.
  • Check with your financial institution to determine what the daily limit of funds that can be withdrawn from your account is.

* Report all crimes to law enforcement officials immediately.



  • Keep your card in a safe place to avoid damage.
  • Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Never write the PIN down on anything in your wallet or on the card itself.
  • When selecting a PIN, avoid numbers and letters that relate to your personal information. For example, don’t use your initials, birthday, telephone, or Social Security number. If you have such a number, contact your bank and get a new PIN issued.
  • Immediately report a lost or stolen card to your financial institution.
  • To help guard against fraud, keep your ATM receipts until you check them against your monthly statement.