Useful Information

E-Mail Scams

E-mail fraud is a common tool of an identity thief. It can take many forms, but is usually harsh, demanding and scary.

  • Phishing (pronounced "fishing") is where the sender poses as a company to trick users into giving away personal or account information
  • Vishing is where the sender poses as a company to trick users into calling a number and giving away personal or account information
  • Request for Help - offer a recipient large sums of money or attractive rewards in exchange for "short term" financial assistance. One common example is the “sender” who asks the user to supply a bank account number to "hold" large sums of money until the “sender” can retrieve it. In exchange, the recipient is promised a percentage of the deposit. The “sender” uses the bank account number for fraudulent activity, and the recipient never receives the promised funds.

Don't fall for it!

ATM Safety Tips

As issuers of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) access devices, we have provided for you information a list of safetyprecautions regarding the use of automated teller machines. Please read the following safety tips.

  • Be aware of your surroundings, particularly at night.
  • Consider having someone accompany you when the ATM is used after dark.
  • It is appropriate to politely ask someone who is uncomfortably close to you to step back before you complete you transaction.
  • Refrain from displaying your cash. Pocket it as soon as your transaction is completed. Count the cash later in the safety of your car or home.
  • Consider using another ATM or coming back later if you notice anything suspicious. If you are in the middle of a transaction and you notice something suspicious, cancel the transaction, pocket your ATMaccess device and leave.
  • Go to the nearest public area where people are located if you are followed after making a transaction.

* Report all crimes to law enforcement officials immediately.

Direct Deposit/Automatic Withdrawals

Types of Pre-authorized transfers: You may arrange for us to complete the following pre-uthorized transfers to your deposit accounts:

  • Accept direct deposits from your employer, U.S. Treasury Department or other financial institutions to your checking or savings account.
  • We will charge $28.00 for each stop payment order for pre authorized transfers.