Privacy Policy

The First National Bank of Woodsboro
P. O. Box 730
Woodsboro, Texas 78393
Customer Service: (361) 543-4511

Your Privacy Is Important To Us

Protecting your privacy is important to the First National Bank of Woodsboro and our employees. You're asked to provide us with certain personal information that helps us give you better service and complete your transactions more effectively.

We want you to understand what information we collect and how we use it. In order to provide our customers with a broad range of financial products and services as effectively and conveniently as possible, we use technology to manage and maintain customer information. The following policy serves as a standard for all First National Bank of Woodsboro employees for collection, use, retention, and security of nonpublic personal information. We work diligently to safeguard the information you give to us.

We first define some terms.

Nonpublic personal information means information about you that we collect in connection with providing a financial product or service to you. Nonpublic personal information does not include information that is available from public sources, such as telephone directories or government records. Hereafter, we will use the term "information" to mean nonpublic personal information as defined in this section.

* Opt out means a choice you can make to prevent certain sharing of information. We will explain how you can exercise this choice.

The Information We Collect

We collect information about you from the following sources:

  • Information you give us on applications or other forms
  • Information about your transactions with us
  • Information about your transactions with other parties
  • Information from a consumer reporting agency
  • InInformation we receive as a result of verifying customer information

The Confidentiality, Security, And Integrity Of Your Information

We restrict access to information about you to those employees who need to know that information to provide products or services to you. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect this information.

Your Information

We will not disclose information about you to anyone except as disclosed in this policy or as permitted by law. Examples of this might include disclosures necessary to service your account or prevent unauthorized transactions.

We do not disclose information about former customers, except as permitted by law.

Online Banking

Visitors to FNBWoodsboro bank's Website remain anonymous. We do not collect identifying information about visitors to our site. We may use standard software to collect non-identifying about our visitors, such as:

  • Date and time our site was accessed
  • IP address (A numeric address given to servers connected to the internet)
  • Web browser used
  • City, State and country

The bank uses this information to create summary statistics and to determine the level of interest in information available on our site. Visitors may elect to provide us with personal information via E-mail, online registration forms, or our guest book. This information is used internally, as appropriate, to handle the sender's request. It is not disseminated or sold to other organizations. Some shares of our Website may use a "cookie" temporarily stored in the visitor's computer memory (RAM) to allow the web server to log the pages you use within the site and to know if you have visited the site before.

Email Solictation

We do not solicit information (SSN, account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, etc) by means of email. If you receive an email requesting confidential information from someone claiming to represent The First National Bank of Woodsboro, do not respond to the email. Please Contact Us to report any solicitation of this kind that your receive.

Secure Access and Verifying User Authenticity

To begin a session with the bank's server, the user must key in a Log-in ID and a password. Our system, the Internet banking System, uses a "5 strikes and you're out" lock-out mechanism to deter users from repeated login attempts. After five unsuccessful login attempts, the system locks the user out, requiring a phone call to the bank to verify the password before reentry into the system. Upon successful login, the Digital ID from VeriSign, the experts in digital identification certificates the user's identity and establishes a secure session with that visitor.